Education and Information Department

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The education and Information Department aims to provide a high quality of education for all local union members, and deliver comprehensive research study and data.

The PTGWO its local affiliates provide contribution to a Special Research and Educational Fund for the purpose of conducting a continuing year around education program and seminars for the benefit of members of the Organization.

The National Leadership believes that education is the key empowers its affiliates and makes them self-reliant and effective in the advancement of the rights and welfare of our members. The education and training of our members is the primordial concern of the Education and Research Department which is under supervision of Ms. Rosalinda A. Manabat.

This Department is currently conducting basic week-end seminars at the workplaces. This activity introduces to our members new concepts or issues for their information and enlightenment. This is also an avenue to discuss union problems at the factory level. The Department has sponsored and co-sponsored various trainings and seminars.



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On 7 October 2013, the World Day for Decent Work, IndustriALL Global Union is calling on all its affiliates to mobilize their members and join the global fight to STOP Precarious Work.

Unions are pushing against this tide by organizing precarious workers, fighting laws that expand precarious work and mobilizing in support of secure employment with good pay and working conditions.


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WE, members of the PHILIPPINE TRADE AND GENERAL WORKERS ORGANIZATION, imploring the aid of Almighty God in order to establish a strong, united, vigilant, progressive, responsible and militant labor organization to effectively serve the cause of labor in various industries in the Philippines; to exhort our members to be responsible and law-abiding citizens; a read more»»