Legal Servicing Department

Our Legal Department, headed by our Chief legal Counsel, Atty. Arvin C. Dolendo, continues to face the formidable task of asserting and protecting the rights of our members before quasi-judicial agencies of the government as well as in the regular courts. With four lawyers and paralegal staff composing it against big private law firms, our Legal Department never quitted any legal battle of the federation and its members. Every case is being fought with the brilliance and dedication of our lawyers and staff.

Ultimately, members of the legal department assist the collective bargaining department in aid of crafting CBA proposals and attend negotiations.



WE, members of the PHILIPPINE TRADE AND GENERAL WORKERS ORGANIZATION, imploring the aid of Almighty God in order to establish a strong, united, vigilant, progressive, responsible and militant labor organization to effectively serve the cause of labor in various industries in the Philippines; to exhort our members to be responsible and law-abiding citizens; a read more»»