Women, Youth & Community Department

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The Philippine Trade and General Workers Organization (PTGWO) Department of Women, Youth and Community has established the Samahan sa Industriya ng mga Kababaihang Pilipina - PTGWO (SIKAP-PTGWO). It is the federation's women-armed in promoting the rights and welfare of all women and youth workers in their respective workplace. It was established on December 28, 2008 during the peak of the women's era in the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines which give the inspiration to the PTGWO to form a Women's organization to advocate for the welfare and rights of every women workers, and also the youth.

SIKAP-PTGWO remains to uphold the PTGWO Womens and youth mission in empowering women and young workers both in formal and informal economy. It continues to participate and form commaraderie to various women organizations, local or international, in promoting its advocacy.

Through the years, SIKAP-PTGWO preserve the gender equality program in all trade union activities. Likewise, it ensures that there shall be at least 60%-40% ratio of women participating in decision-making and standing in every official position.

For more details, you may go on to : www.sikap.ptgwo.org for more information regarding SIKAP-PTGWO



The PTGWO Youth Department was a blossoming department, however, it was established eight years ago. The Youth Department handles areas of concerns of the youth facing today. It seems to have an amazing impacted that there are a lot of factors that are affecting the youths in terms of job employment, security of tenure, treatment in their workplace and discrimination.

The PTGWO Youth Department remains to advocate equal treatment and protection for all the young workers. It'sobjective to achieve a fair amount of respect for the young workers, an equal benefits and salary for the young workers as provided by the law, and to uphold the law which protects the young workers.




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